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Shenzhen Excellent Biotech Co.,Ltd.(Hereafter referred to as SZEB) is an innovative service company focusing on the field of drug quality control. We can provide products and services for quality consistency evaluation for generic drugs, including impurity reference materials, reference standards, domestic and foreign reference listed drug, imported API and preparation Joint declaration service,etc. SZEB not only pays attention to quality and results, but also pays more attention to process management. And we have passed ISO9001 international quality certification.
SZEB has advanced level of R&D and modern equipment. Professor Zhu Liu, Our Chief scientist, has studied abroad for more than ten years and has been engaged in organic synthesis for more than 20 years. Dr. Feng Chen, one of the core members of our R&D team, has been engaged in drug R&D and registration for 18 years. In order to ensure the sustainable development of R&D, we invest 10% of the annual profit in R&D every year.
 In addition to own R&D and production, SZEB also provides products from dozens of brands such as TRC, TLC, USP, EP, LGC, etc. And we are the general agent in China for all products of the Colorado pharmaceutical R&D company (CPRD).
SZEB has a diversified, high-quality, efficient and collaborative professional team that can provide you with international and domestic advanced technical information, products, technical consulting and other services. Through the way of "professional products + professional services"  and  the refined professional marketing mode with its own characteristics, SZEB has been deeply trusted and supported by customers.