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 ShenZhen Excellent Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (SZEB) stands as an innovative service company specializing in pharmaceutical quality control. Dedicated to delivering a comprehensive package of solutions for pharmaceutical impurity reference substances, Excellent Pharmaceutical encompasses drug impurity reference standards, standard substances, domestic and international reference preparations, imported raw materials, as well as green process development. Moreover, the company has attained the prestigious ISO9001 international quality certification.

With its professional research and development technology, Excellent Pharmaceutical has cumulatively shipped over 100,000+ pharmaceutical impurity reference materials under its independent brand SZEB. Meanwhile, it serves as the China‘s general agent for all products of Colorado Pharmaceutical Research, Inc. (CPRD). Excellent Pharmaceutical also provides products from dozens of brands such as TRC, TLC, USP, EP, LGC, and so on.

Excellent Pharmaceutical boasts a diversified, high-quality, and highly collaborative professional team that can provide customers with advanced technical information, products, and technical consultation services home and abroad. The company strives to help customers quickly address impurity issues and decrease risks in drug research, ultimately enhancing their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Through a combination of “professional products + professional services”, the company has successfully provided professional products and services to more than 5,000 pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. Additionally, it has forged enduring partnerships with numerous world-renowned enterprises and leading brands in the pharmaceutical industry, earning the trust and reliance of multitudinous medical institutions.