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Vancomycin, the last line of defense against infection

Time:2024-03-18 Views:4
      "Touch a little rain began to catch a cold and fever, cough inflammation finally raw into pneumonia."
    "Because of eating instant noodles got acute gastroenteritis, not a few days there is infected with acute pharyngitis, after that even found out the shadow of the lungs."
  "Toothache to pull a tooth a few days after being diagnosed with endocarditis."
  "Knee abrasion a little skin became arthritis half a month bedridden."
These real-life cases on the Internet are the kind of twists and turns that can‘t even be written in a novel. In the matter of infection, "workers" is considered to be the "brittle" played to the fullest extent. Not to blame the workers are too "brittle", just blame the germs lurking into the body at any time.
"Playing workers" although "brittle", but usually at any time and place with paychecks to touch the fish, put on standby, insulation cups are not away from the red dates goji berries, minor illnesses and major illnesses of medical insurance is not yet finished ...... life so , in the face of all kinds of germs around the invasion and the possible existence of infection, this last line of defense, it is necessary to recognize recognize.
Today we will take a look at the last line of antibacterial defense - vancomycin.
Vancomycin is recognized as a strong antimicrobial drug with strong antimicrobial capacity, and is the "trump card" and "bottom card" in clinical practice. Vancomycin is not easily used for general bacterial infections and is only used as a last resort.
        SZEB supplies Vancomycin impurities.
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