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Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory essential - Levofloxacin 丨SZEB

Time:2024-03-13 Views:4
   Otitis media, may be associated with bacterial infection, Eustachian tube dysfunction and other factors, otitis media patients may appear hearing loss, ear pain, tinnitus and other symptoms.

   If you also often can not distinguish what others are talking about, listen to others is a large "social death" scene, and even hearing loss, ear pain, tinnitus and other symptoms, to be The ear infection may be infected by the bacteria of otitis media. Otitis media germs may be infected brain parts, easy to cause human paralysis, deafness and so on.

    For some patients with acute otitis media, antibiotic ear drops are commonly used for external anti-inflammatory purposes, and oral antibiotics are selected according to the specific situation. Commonly used in acute otitis media antibiotics are levofloxacin, cefuroxime, amoxicillin, erythromycin and so on. Excel Bio-medical Technology Co., Ltd. supplies the above types of impurities and reference preparations.

    The following is a partial catalog of Levofloxacin impurity control/standard products.