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Marbofloxacavir and oseltamivir - anti-flu specialties 丨 SZEB

Time:2024-03-11 Views:4
        Again to the high incidence of influenza, when the flu is raging, not careful may be sudden high fever, general weakness, cough and runny, limb aches and pains ...... There is also the possibility that the fate of the throat (commonly known as razor blade voice), can only cry out in pain After all, influenza, this kind of viral colds, seasonal and contagious, most of the people susceptible to the population. Oseltamivir, Baloxavir Marboxil and Oseltamivir are commonly used medications for the treatment of influenza.

         Premier Pharma provides high quality Oseltamivir,Baloxavir Marboxil impurity controls for the global market. More information about other impurities are available on the official website If you have questions please call 0755-26050679 or email, we are happy to serve you!

          Below is a partial catalog of Oseltamivir,Baloxavir Marboxil impurity controls/standards.

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