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Treatment of Hair Loss

Time:2021-12-31 Views:81
Loss of hair is caused due to various reasons such as autoimmune conditions, genetic factors, hormone changes, tissue scarring from injury, stress, etc.. It may manifest as gradual thinning on top of the head, circular/patchy bald spots, sudden loss of hair, full body hair loss, or patches of scaling that spread over the scalp. Treatment includes medications, surgery, laser therapy, wigs, and hairpieces.
Oral corticosteroids: Prednisone.
Antihypertensive vasodilator: Minoxidil.
Hormone modulators: Spironolactone · Flutamide
5-alpha reductase inhibitors: Finasteride.
We can supply pharmaceutical impurities of Minoxidil and Finasteride. More information is available on the official website: If you have any questions, please send an email to, we look forward to cooperating with you.

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