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The 10th Anniversary Celebration of SZEB and the 2024 New Year‘s Eve Celebration Was Held Successfully!

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At the beginning of the 2024 New Year, “SZEB”also celebrated its tenth birthday. On the evening of January 19th, Shenzhen Excellent Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. grandly hold the 10th anniversary celebration and 2024 new year party . All employees of the company gathered together to review the past in summary and recognition, built a new chapter in dreams through laughter and cheers, and jointly participated in the grand event.

Award ceremony

With the sound of salutes and cheers, we looked back together on the sweat and achievements of ten years.

In 2023, "SZEB" continuously innovates and expands the market in the increasingly fierce industry competition, steadily moving forward in complex market changes, thanks to the hard work and selfless struggle of all employees. The award ceremony of this party includes special awards such as "Outstanding Newcomer Award", "Leap Forward Award", "Outstanding Employee Award", "Special Excellence Award", "Service Star Award", "Best Little Bee Award", "Big Order Breakthrough Award", "Vitality Star Award", "Excellent Supervisor Award", "Outstanding Leadership Award", and "Fifth Anniversary Employee Commendation".

We pay tribute to their support and struggle along the way, witnessing extraordinary years together, and also receiving flowers and applause for excellence together.

Award ceremony

Program performance

In addition to delicious food, employees from various departments are showcasing their talents and competing for creativity. The passionate "Sack Dance", the dynamic "Eyebrow Dance", the energetic and bold "Youth Practice Manual", and the song "Congratulations on Getting Rich" with the help of the "God of Wealth" bring endless applause and screams, bringing a joyful and lively atmosphere to the scene.

Program performance

In addition, there is a special program voting session where everyone can cast a valuable vote for their favorite program, and ultimately rank based on the number of votes, presenting prizes and blessings to the team that puts in enthusiasm and energy.

vote for program

Game interaction 

Along with the exciting performance, the evening party also prepared rich prizes, a lucky draw and interactive mini game that competes with luck and speed. The small games of "God of Wealth""Cutting Fruits", and "Crazy Counting Money" will ignite the enthusiasm of the employees present, one by one, fighting for speed and luck; Outdoor camping sets, customized necklaces, cash red envelopes, and fashionable and exquisite gifts make everyone join the game interaction one by one. There are surprises, cheers, joy, and sharing, and a vibrant and vibrant atmosphere is coming towards you.

play games

Birthday ceremony

Ten years have witnessed the development of a company, as well as the growth and transformation of a group of people. The company leaders celebrated the company‘s birthday with the blessings of all members, cutting open a cake and revealing hope and expectations for the future. Along with the evening party, there was also an employee birthday party event for the fourth quarter of 2023. Every birthday party offers care and blessings, as well as an indispensable birthday gift, which is the warm heart of "SZEB" as always.

Bithday party

Time changes the pace, and what remains unchanged is the temperature between enterprises and employees. It is mutual trust, belonging, striving together, and serving as confidence.

Over the course of ten years, we have weathered storms together, our original intention remains unchanged in the long time because of the passion.In 2024, let‘s riding the wind and waves, the sea and the sky are vast!

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